Quality & HSE Policy

Quality Policy

The quality policy is the means to lead the Company to the improvement of its performances, and it’s a parity part of the company’s general strategies. The policy must help to promote, in the whole organization, the commitment to the quality as established by the Management. In order to its
pursuing the Management commits itself to its divulgation, to make available the necessary resources and to the periodical control to check its suitability and coherence to the Company’s prospects and strategies, as well as the understanding and sharing by all organization’s members. Thanks to the divulgation, the common obligation and the periodical control, the general policy, and especially the strategic objectives, may will evolve together with the company.



Understood that the following policy has been defined as appropriate to the currently strategic scope, and that it will be continuously reviewed any time it will be necessary, in order to make it compliant with the company’s evolution, it’s hereby stated:

  • the commitment to keeping the compliance of the Company’s Quality Management System with the international standard ISO 9001;
  • the commitment to the customer’s satisfaction;
  • the commitment to the continual improvement of the effectiveness of the management system and of the company;
  • the commitment to the involvement of all organization’s members.

It’s in any case important to clarify that above points are the base which will be the reference for the Management to assign to each area specific objectives to be pursued. The company’s policy will be published both internally and externally by means of this manual or its extracts.

HSE Policy

Company’s Policy is the guidance to manage and improve the management system. It reflects the commitment of the Top Management to respect the legal requirements, to pollution and accidents prevention and to continuous improvement. It is the reference for the definition of the objectives and targets. The policy has been updated considering the environmental impact, type and extent of the risks of the activity, products and services of the organization (within the defined scope of application). The subject of the policy therefore depends by the type of the organization.

The principle to which MEP has referred from the beginning the production of lifting appliances and deck machinery for marine service, and from which does not intend to get further, it is that to fulfil client’s expectations. The Customer’s requests, as it regards particularly the quality of the materials, the safety, the respect of the environment, doesn't have to be merely satisfied, but also supported by a business management that guarantees their full understanding and constant respect.

The Quality of the service, as we intend it, it is to operate in the maximum respect of the natural environment, and to produce machineries with safety characteristics and reliability, in an environment of healthy and sure job. For this reason the Top Management has decided to consider the management systems for the quality, the environment and the safety as fundamental tool for the
success; the systems require the acceptance of all toward the followings common principles:

  • the principle of the continuous improvement, applicable to the processes, to the management systems, and consequently to the environmental and safety and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) performances;
  • the prevention of the potential nonconformity, the risks for the OH&S and the pollution;
  • the commitment to the scrupulous respect of the environmental and OH&S legislation;
  • the involvement and the commitment of all the company areas to pursue the Quality, the
  • respect of the natural environment and a work environment of healthy and safe job.

The Top Management expresses the conviction that the application of such principles will be both the
base to guarantee growth and to assure a real competitiveness on the market. With this aim,
therefore MEP intends:
to constantly verify the methods of job and the operational procedures to prevent the dissatisfaction of the client and the nonconformity, both regarding processes or products;

  • to pursue, if possible, the further reduction of the environmental impacts in the emission to atmosphere or at least to maintain the present levels;
  • to minimize, and to eliminate where possible, the risks from production processes, and particularly the risks from mechanical work and from the noise;
  • to find and pursue objectives of innovation and continuous improvement of the quality, of the environmental and OH&S performances;
  • to realize and maintain a reliable and complete system for the survey of the necessary data for the management of the integrated management system, and on this basis to actuate a complete and reliable monitoring program;
  • to promote the identification of the company’s collaborators with the policy of quality, environment and safety and the sharing of the company’s objectives, promoting the formation, the awareness of the role of everyone inside the organization and making everyone feel responsible;
  • to assure and to develop effective and bi-directional communications with the whole staff and
  • with the representations of the workers;
  • to pursue the achieving of the quality objectives under conditions of economic efficiency;
  • to elaborate and to set safety plans including the measures and the procedures to prevent accidental or emergency situations and to contain their effects;
  • to maintain an open dialogue with the suppliers, making them committed to put into effect coherent behaviours with this politics;
  • to perform verifications, inspections and audits in order to identify and prevent possible situations of nonconformity with the requisites of the management systems;
  • to develop and to maintain open and collaborative relationships with the local authorities, and with all the interested parties;

in general, to develop and constantly improve company’s own management based on the voluntary standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

The manuals of the quality, environment and OH&S represent the formalization of this company policy and the operational guide for the application of the management systems. Every year, during the management review, the objectives for the following year are defined, communicated to the personnel, and formalized in the document “Program of Improvement”. The company’s policy will be internally published both internally and externally by mean of this manual or its extracts.


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