Offshore Cranes Production

MEP - Offshore Cranes Production

M.E.P. Pellegrini Marine Equipment is an Italian company involved in the production of high quality offshore cranes.

M.E.P. Pellegrini Marine Equipment designs and manufactures customized ship equipment meeting the requirements of International Conventions and Rules of Marine Classification Societies and it is specialized in the developing of special design of machinery devised for Navy installation.

M.E.P. Pellegrini Marine Equipments produces a complete offshore cranes range:

Stiff boom type

-          Stiff boom cranes CHCD 6-16

-          Stiff boom cranes CHCD 5-12

-          Stiff boom cranes CHCD 20-10

-          Stiff boom cranes CHCD 25-32

-          Stiff boom cranes CHCD 10-17

 Lattice boom type

-          Lattice Boom cranes GN 14-15

-          Lattice Boom cranes GN 18-6 DH

-          Lattice Boom cranes GN 25-24

-          Lattice Boom cranes GN 50-8 DH

-          Lattice Boom cranes GN 60-15

 Knuckle boom type

-          Kunckle Boom cranes GK 10-19

-          Knuckle Boom cranes GK 10-30 EH

-          Knuckle Boom cranes GK 15-18 EH

Telescopic cranes

-          Telescopic cranes CHCD 3.5-9

-          Telescopic cranes GN 5-16

-          Telescopic cranes GN 30-12.5


All the offshore cranes are produced under “tailor made“ philosophy in order to meet the customers’ requirements and they are designed and manufactured in compliance with all the major worldwide naval registers and quality systems as ABS, RINA, DNV ,Lloyd’s Register, API 2 C etc...

All the offshore cranes can be Electro Hydraulic or Diesel Hydraulic, self contained or with separated power pack as per Client specification and upon request can be equipped with EEx components to work in Hazardous area conditions. Optional features are also available as Constant tension, AHC (Active Heave Compensation), Wave compensator, AOPS – MOPS safety system.

If you are looking for a competent and reliable partner in the offshore cranes production, M.E.P. Pellegrini Marine Equipment is the right choice!

Need more information?

If you need more information about Offshore Cranes Production services of MEP, you can contact us by sending your request. We will be pleased to provide all the detail for requests information or any quotes.

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