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Deck machinery

Our variety of deck machinery solutions has been developed and improved over the years in order to fulfill new requirements and new market demands.

Complete deck machinery packages cover all types of solutions, electric and hydraulic, to suit the customer’s preferences, and include anchor windlasses, mooring and tugger winches, capstans.


-Anchor Windlasses/Mooring Winches:

MEP Pellegrini provides low-pressure and high-pressure hydraulic, frequency converter or pole change drives anchoring and mooring Winches.

Up to 108 mm chain size, anchoring and mooring Winches are carefully designed and tested according to customers specification.



Horizontal and vertical capstans, rated pull form 3 to 30 t, consisting of a warping head, reduction gear, base flange, local control or remote control with cable.

Designed with electric or hydraulic motor to be placed upper or below deck.


-Towing winches:

Electric towing winches are driven by a single- or two-speed electric motor or variable frequency drive. The line pulls range from 5 tonnes to 40 tonnes. A local control panel is situated adjacent to the winch. A wired-controller or remote control from the wheelhouse is also available as an option.

All the winches are also available with low pressure hydraulic drives. 

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Our Products