The high experience of its technical office that uses the most modern computerized system together with a constant cooperation with a liable team of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, permits to M.E.P. the study and design of the above listed equipments to be installed on Naval, Merchant Vessels, Offshore Platforms, Jack up barges, FSO /FPSO.


MEP designs and manufactures customized ship equipment meeting the requirements of International Conventions and Rules of Marine Classification Societies and it is specialized in the developing of special design of machinery devised for Navy installation.


The management structure of our project organization is designed to provide the capability for comprehensive/long term and quick turn-around/responsive support, whether for detailed analyses or improper engineering support.


MEP has established its excellent reputation by delivering superior equipment on time and within budget. In order to meet these requirements, MEP has established long term relationships with reliable suppliers and vendors of components and materials and has recruited, trained, and maintained a staff of high quality personnel, dedicated to the concept of producing and supporting quality equipment.


For all these reasons  MEP products are highly appreciated by the most important shipyards and owner companies with whom MEP cooperates.


Recently MEP's Quality System has been certified by Registro Italiano Navale, in compliance with the ISO 9001.


The most advanced techniques of design and the use of materials at high technoligical features connected  by a precise research of quality and respect of the most strict rules, permits to M.E.P. to be designed in the future as authentic qualified presence of “Made in Italy” in the range of hoisting equipment manufacturers.

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