A-magnetic cranes

Electro-hydraulic Multipurpose crane model GS 0.4-8.5 installed on Minehunter. 

As minehunter operate in close proximity of the minefield, the features of the crane must guarantee the achievement of very low acoustic and magnetic signatures and of very high shock resistance. The crane is built of non-magnetic materials.





Ship owner: Algerian National Navy

Ship Builder: Intermarine S.p.A

Ship name: Minehunter El-Kasseh 1


RINA certified multipurpose crane having a Safe Working Load of 400 kg @ 8.5 m and 1400 kg @ 2.5 m.

The crane is installed on a Minehunter, capable of hoisting cargos and boats. The crane can operate also in offshore condition with SWH = 1.26 m.

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