Hangar Gantry Cranes



Ship owner: Italian Navy

Ship Builder: Fincantieri S.p.a.

Ship type: Cavour Aircraft Carrier

Hangar gantry crane model CPM 5-15 installed on the upper structure (ceiling) of the ship where the crane is located.

The crane is single beam type with hoisting/lowering capacity of 5t and transversal span of 15m.


Ship owner: Indian Navy

Ship builder: Cochin Shipyard

Ship name: Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant


The traveling Gantry Crane model CPB 4-12 is mainly composed of the following items:
• Two fixed longitudinal rails to be fitted on the upper structure
(ceiling) of the Hangar where the Crane is located
• One transversal beam (double type)
• End trucks
• A trolley
• A winch with its hook
• A set of limit switches and position detectors
• A standard control device
• An emergency control device
• A locking/unlocking assembly in sea position
• An electric cabinet
• A remote control box
• An acoustic and visual signal, activated automatically by the
operation of the travelling crane
• Equipment securing nuts and bolts
• Interface seating between the supplies and the ship’s steel structure
for the equipment that are not already fitted in a steel assembly

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