Jib and Gantry cranes



Customer: Sinopec Europe GmbH

Tank Project: Tianjin LNG Progect


Tank jib and gantry crane model GBD 3-13,5 is a hoisting equipment to be installed on the roof of LNG Storage Tanks for installation/removal of the In-Tank submerged pumps. The crane is suitable for Zone 1, II A, T3.



S.W.L. capacity: 3 ton @ 13,5 m and 1 ton from 13,5 to 16 m

Hoisting speed: 2/4 m/min

Hook stroke 65 m


Maximum outreach (witch boom @ 0 deegrees): 16 m

Minimum outreach: 2,5 m

Trolley speed: 5 m/min


Slewing range: 360° limited

Rotation speed: 0,25 rpm

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