Case History

In this section you will find a complete list of our case histories, the major projects realised by Pellegrini Marine Equipments through the years. Special applications, barriers, cranes and tailor-made equipment realised according to the indications provided by the customer.


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Lattice boom crane model GN 300-11 EH

Electro-hydraulic self contained lattice boom crane installed on 600 men DPS-3 Accomodation Work Barge.

The crane is offshore type with 300t SWL @ 11m radius.

This is the biggest and most innovative project MEP has ever done! Follow us for further details!


Waste retrieval crane is a telescopic boom pedestal crane. It is capable for retrieval of waste from a waste storage silo.

The silo comprises a structure designed for the storage of nuclear intermediate level waste. It is intended to empty the Silo of waste. To do this, a large aperture has been created at the top of the North wall of silo to which a working area will be attached. Within this area the crane will work to retrieve waste from the silo and load it into waste containers for ongoing safe storage.

The crane incorporates two types of hydraulically Grab, both capable to rotate 360°.